I conduct 2-types of tours.

(TYPE A) Adachi Tour

The Adachi fish market tour starts at the predawn hour of 4am.

The Adachi market is one of the 64 Central Wholesale Markets at the 40 cities in Japan.  The Tsukiji market that closed last year in October was also the same kind of Central Wholesale Market.  The Adachi market opened in 1945, trading in vegetables, fruits and fish.  But in 1979, the vegetables and fruits section was shifted to a new market, so the Adachi market today is specialized in fish.  It is located at the northeastern downtown area in Tokyo.

The meeting place
Senjuōhashi Station of the Keisei (Main) Line, south entrance

The desdription in Japanese to show to the taxi driver:
京成線 千住大橋駅

 Location : 11-1 Senju-hashido-cho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo

Map of the meeting place

Highlights of the tour


• Walk the circumference of  the market.
• Enter the market and watch the wholesale & middlemen’s stores area.
• Watch the retail market area.
• Watch the Uogashi Shokudo (fish market restaurants) area.
• Potential to watch tuna unloaded from trucks.
• Discreetly observe tuna auction site and auction.


The schedules of the tours are indicated in blue on the calendar below.

Please come to the meeting place slightly before 4 am.  The tour lasts to until about 5:45.

The price of the TYPE A tour is 7,500 yen per person.  Have cash in Japanese yen ready.  There are no cash dispensers around the area.

Email us to the following address to make a reservation, at least 3-days before your tour.




(TYPE B) Toyosu & Tsukiji Tour

This tour covers the new Toyosu market and outer market (jogai-shijo) of the former Tsukiji market.  It starts from 5 am at Toyosu

Please come to the meeting place at 5 am.  We will watch auctions at the Toyosu fish market from above an official observation deck provided by the Tokyo government.  We will watch the vegetables and fruits site of the Toyosu market, watch the middlemen’s stalls area, the restaurants and the annexed merchants’ area.

Then we will move from the Toyosu area to the Tsukiji area on a car and walk around the Tsukiji jogai-shijo.  This tour lasts to about 7:30.

The meeting place


Toyosu market main gate (south).  The description in Japanese you could show to the taxi driver.




The next is a link to a map to the meeting place.




The price of TYPE B tour is 10,000 yen per person.

Email us to the following address to make a reservation, at least 3-days before your tour. 




The schedules of the tours are indicated in an orange colour on the calendars.

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